mission statement


Southeast Patrol's Mission and vision:
Southeast Patrol's vision is to create a company environment where all employees look forward to coming to work with a smile.  We take great pride with making sure all employees are treated with the highest level of respect, dignity, and fairness.  We want our employees to be happy and to pass along our high standards onto our clients' and their respective customers as well.



• Our goal is to provide our clients' with highest level of service that cannot be found anywhere else.  We strive to go above and beyond by doing what it takes to satisfy our client's needs.  We want our clients' to feel safe and give them the assurance of making a wise decision by hiring us to protect   them and their property.
- Providing each and every client with the best possible customized customer service.
- Extra patrol/guard service or surveillance to problematic accounts.
- Well constructed and thought-out plans of "attack" to solve a particular problem a client      may be having.
- Emergency response whenever needed.
- Professional guards in both appearance and demeanor.

• Our guards will deal with and solve the problems of all our client's current criminal activities.
- Detain criminals for the arrival of police or make arrests when necessary.
- We WILL do what it takes to keep our clients' and their property safe.
- We WILL enforce their rules and regulations within the law and abide by their standards      as well as

Comply with the law:
- We will ALWAYS conduct business with integrity and dedicated observance of Federal, State, and Municipal laws.  Not only building a reputation of being the best security company within the eyes of our clients, but also within the eyes of the general public, and local law enforcement as well.