Southeast Patrol provides armed security patrol officers for your alarm response


Today’s technology at times leaves us less-than-satisfied.  More often than not, we become downright infuriated with technology.  In this day and age, we still can’t seem to get technology right.  How many times have you received an incredibly expensive bill from the local police department for excessive false alarms?  You can contract with Southeast Patrol to have your alarm company call us to respond to your business or home at a fraction of the cost of what the City forces you to pay.  Call us today, and we can set up a plan to fit your budget.


Often times, you may find yourself laying wide awake, losing sleep wondering "Did we have another burglary tonight"?  Or even "Is someone breaking in right now"?  You may even lay there wondering to yourself with many ways on how you can stop this. The answer is simple.  Call us! Southeast Patrol has a proven tract history on preventing burglaries and other crimes from occurring on your property even when mere security cameras, it is still not enough protection.  Security cameras are a great tool. However, with so many people wearing hoodies these days and with criminals becoming smarter by wearing masks and gloves.  Then with low quality cameras, and other ineffective means of deterring crime.  Crime does not only strike one, it strikes several times a year.  That's just on your property alone!


Nothing is as effective as an actual living, breathing highly trained Southeast Patrol officer on your property during the hours that you should be asleep.  OurSoutheast Patrol will respond to your home or business when your burglar alarm detects an intruder, fire, carbon monoxide and/or carbon dioxide officers will be looking for undesired activity and people lurking around your property looking to make YOU their next victim...  Arm yourself today with the protection of Southeast Patrol because we are always protecting our clients with the highest degree of service!  Call us today at (800) 923-5860.  We are the risk mitigation experts you have been needing to solve your criminal element problems!  We will put a halt to the illicit activity on your property and make you look good to your boss as well by your property seeing a lower turn-around rate, and tenants/resident's renewing their lease.  Let us help you impress your boss!  We also provide armed alarm responses to private homes, communities, malls, shopping centers. Virtually anyplace that has or needs an alarm system.  Have your alarm company contact us, not the police who will legally force you to pay an insanely massive bill that will only double in price for every false alarm.  Due to the nature of this particular service and the potential for dangerous circumstances to arise, coupled with the high possibility that our officers may in fact encounter an actual intruder.  This service is required for the responding officers to be armed. This is not negotiable.