Southeast Patrol provides armed and unarmed security guards or security patrol officers for commerical and industrial business complexes


We at Southeast Patrol, understand how crucial a safe work environment needs to be in order to maintain maximum occupancy within your property.  Instead of enduring a high turnaround rate or suffering a monthly loss due to sustaining vacant suites as a result of businesses constantly being interrupted and the respective business owners having to take time away from productivity to replace items lost in a burglary or being consumed with dealing with acts of vandalism instead of focusing on their work which leads to a loss of profit.  Being the victim of a burglary, harassment/stalking, and/or vandalism can have devastating consequences on your tenants, employees, and even customers; causing a vast decline in production.  The news of such events can rapidly spread throughout the property which can cause other tenants and their employees to be “on-the-lookout” for suspicious activity in lieu of performing their daily duties because of a level of fear tenants, employees, as well as customers can experience to the point of where they do not feel safe while at work; not to mention the financial lost to the property and tenants.


There is an alarming increase of threats to our personal safety within the workplace each and every single day.  Time after time, we see reports on the news about disgruntled employees who were terminated due to their inability to perform their duties or get along with co-workers and end up without a job.  No one should have to tolerate working with a heightened level of fear of a recently terminated employee - wondering if he or she will come back to do harm.  Now, we have to not only worry about disgruntled employees, but acts of terrorism which we recently saw in San Bernardino.  Horrific and tragic events such as that are so easily avoidable.  Lives did not have to be lost, that could have been prevented by taking simple safety measures such as providing security in the workplace.We can provide an excellent service for your business complex


Our goal is crime prevention rather than confrontation. In most cases deterring criminal activity by patrolling a property and staying visible can become an important tool in preventing crime.  When necessary, our highly trained and skilled patrol officers will not hesitate to take the appropriate steps to protect you and your property.  Our Experienced uniformed officers know what to look for and are trained to identify security risks, maintenance issues, and so much more.  Southeast Patrol will identify your properties security vulnerabilities and customize a proposal at competitive rates without ever sacrificing quality. We at Southeast Patrol strive to become an integral part of your community, one that you will want to keep!