Southeast Patrol provides armed and unarmed security guards or security patrol officers for construction sites


With hundreds of thousands and sometimes tens of millions of dollars’ worth of materials and equipment, a construction site, it can easily become an ideal target for criminals who slow production by vandalizing the site to illegally enter the confined areas and steal equipment such as: copper wire, copper pipe, batteries, tools, and pretty much anything that is not nailed to the floor, and sometimes even then!  Vandalism and theft can cause major delays in a project, not to mention the financial loss to not only the construction company, but to their clients as well.  Having a dependable and experienced security company can stop theft before it starts.  We can easily identify the problem, devise a solution, and move forward with a cost-effective course of action.

Construction sites primarily attract transients, drug addicted thieves desperately looking for their next fix, as well as all types of the criminal element who specifically target construction sites due to the easy access to extremely expensive equipment, tools accidentally left out overnight, and so on.  Southeast Patrol can provide you with around the clock armed/unarmed uniformed officers.  We will identify your security vulnerabilities and customize a plan to ensure the security and safety of your construction site.  There is nothing worse than not discovering that an expensive piece of equipment has been stolen and to realize it is gone at the exact moment you need it the most!


Let Southeast Patrol protect your construction site from theft and deter criminals from targeting your equipmentConstruction work is time sensitive, deadlines need to be met and projects must be completed most often by an almost unrealistic timeframe.  Theft from a site can just about literally halt production because of an important piece of equipment somehow walked off the site during the night which translate to not getting the job done on time.  Not to mention the constant flow of money being spent just to replace what was stolen which is most likely at the cost of the construction company.  Here's a simple tip...  Let Southeast Patrol save you time and money by merely protecting your site and equipment.  We would get you to your next project that much faster!  Do not let thieves be the reason that your customers did not get what they want when they wanted it.  Just like us, you are in the customer satisfaction business. Let us help you make your customers happy!