Southeast Patrol provides professional high quality armed and unarmed security guards or security patrol officers for government facilities


Within this post 9/11 world, protecting our nation’s government facilities has become more important and challenging than ever before.  Having a company with the right tools and training makes all the difference.  Southeast Patrol officers know what to look for and are trained to react quickly to defuse any and all threats.  Some of Southeast Patrol officers training include terrorism awareness, weapons of mass destruction, and identifying chemical agents.  We work closely with local law enforcement agencies.  Southeast Patrol will identify any security vulnerabilities, and draw up an effective plan to ensure the safety and security of your facility.


Protecting government facilities from not only physical threats or acts of violence from foreign and/or domestic terroristic groups or individuals is a high priority, but also the sensitive nature of each assignment and the importance of keeping secret information exactly that - secret!  After all, Southeast Patrol understands that not everything needs to be "Common knowledge" not to be shared with anyone who is not on the "need to know list."  The safety and security of your facility, protecting what is inside, taking the appropriate steps to ensuring the integrity of the facility from any and all threats is our number one priority!


Southeast Patrol will protect our nation's government facilities with the upmost discretion and careSoutheast Patrol will not allow your facility to be compromised, we take or jobs seriously, and understand the risks and challenges set ahead while keeping unauthorized personnel/individuals at bay.  We strictly follow all procedures and protocols set forth by you.  The protection of our nation's: security, sensitive information, and overall infrastructure is key to keeping the sanctity of our great country safe from all threats!  Protecting you means that we are also protecting ourselves as well...  Our country's security is of the upmost highest importance!  Call us today by dialing (800) 923-5860.  You can speak to one of our seasoned sales team members to without being concerned about potential security risks.  We are in the risk mitigation business of keeping you, your facility, and its contents protected!