Southeast Patrol can lock and unlock your property or community


As we all take on more responsibilities in our normal day-to-day lives; we find ourselves having less time to fulfill as to what some would consider to be simple tasks such as walking around a property to check all doors and windows making sure everything is completely locked – especially with larger facilities where this task can be a lengthy and tedious process.   There may be times that you do not feel safe walking your property at night but do so just to make sure everything is locked.   Southeast Patrol officers can walk your property on a nightly basis at a designated time, check all doors and windows to ensure that your property is completely locked and secured.

Prior to the end of our officers’ shifts, we can unlock your property so that you, your employees, guests, or anyone who needs early access to your property can do so without having to wait at a gate for someone with keys to fight through traffic trying to arrive on time.   Then there are the times that someone accidentally leaves the keys at home, which they either have to go back to get them, or wait for the next person to arrive with their keys and hope that they did not forget theirs as well.


Auto Dealerships
Business/Commercial Centers


Let Southeast Patrol take care of locking your property or community Cemeteries
City/State/Federal Parks
Gated Facilities
Individual Businesses
Public Storage Facilities
Shopping Centers
And so on…

...If it needs to be locked and/or unlocked, we can do it!