Southeast Patrol provides safety and security for school, college and university campuses


Nothing in this world is more important than creating safe learning environments for our nation’s children.  A safe school is in place when students can learn and teachers can teach while within a warm and welcoming environment which is specifically designed for sculpting and molding young minds while keeping them free of threats, intimidation, violence, interruptions and fear so that we can turn the children of today into the leaders of tomorrow!  This can be achieved by maintaining an extremely high level of campus security by constantly monitoring the school grounds for possible threats upon many levels.  With the world we live in today, violent attacks on school campuses are at an all-time alarming high.  Sometimes, it seems as if there is some sort of violent occurrence, sexual assault, or severe threat on a school campus somewhere in the country every time we turn on our televisions.


Often times we hear on the news about schools being broken into and either incredibly expensive and hard to replace items are stolen or acts of vandalism occur which costs thousands upon thousands of dollars to repair.  There are also times that a rival school's sports team will enter the campus to vandalize the school's mascot and/or the school itself.  When incidents such as these take place, it is the students who ultimately suffer the Let Southeast Patrol protect your campus todayconsequences of these selfish actions of others.  Providing round-the-clock security would drasticly reduce these expensive pranks or criminal acts.  However, a detailed and customized schedule and proposal can be put together to fit the needs of your campus.

Creating a comprehensive assessment for the safety of students, staff, and the security of the campus is critical to providing a safe and effective school.  We at Southeast Patrol will identify your security vulnerabilities and design a plan to ensure a safe learning environment for your students, faculty, as well as anyone else on campus by devising an extremely cautious and effective plan that will be suited specifically for your campus.  When it comes to schools, safety is not only number 1, it’s paramount!