Southeast Patrol offers online vehicle safelisting for your community


We offer online vehicle safelisting which is an exceptional tool for residents of H.O.A. communities, Apartment Complexes, and even commercial properties. This allows residents or tenants to go to our website and safelist their vehicles so that they do not receive violations or have to endure the unpleasant experience of having to retrieve their vehicles from a tow yard at an extremely hefty cost.


Vehicles that require management’s approval prior to being safelisted can be easily done so through the client portal by the management staff. It’s quick, easy, and painless. All clients are given a unique password and username to gain access to not only safelist a resident’s vehicle but to also be able to view every previously submitted report ever created regardless of how long ago the report was delivered electronically to you.


Parking Enforcement is a large concern for most residential communities.  With our highly skilled and trained team at Southeast Patrol, we work closely with the towing companies, but we set and establish boundaries. We only select reputable towing companies who operate with honesty and uphold moral standards. However, we also will use the towing company that has been preselected by management as their preferred towing service. Resident’s satisfaction always comes first.  Depending on the severity of any issue; we work closely with management to determine how many warning citations must receive before a vehicle will be towed.  Through our sophisticated digital software; management can monitor all citations issued, vehicles towed, and even photos of the vehicle before being removed from the property by receiving our daily/nightly electronic reports/citations which are delivered directly to the manager’s email inbox and/or by simply logging in to our state of the art software, which each manager receives their own personalized login password and username.

Southeast Patrol’s Digital Online Safelisting has revolutionized Parking Enforcement, paying to have permits made or printed, issuing passes, and hang tags are a thing of the past.  Management will also have the ability to safelist vehicles through our software for any length or desired time as preapproved according to the property’s parking guidelines.  The use of Southeast Patrol’s new and innovative software and online services has made


Safelist your vehicle with southeast patrol today! and click safelistconnecting you, and your residents with the officers on the field just a mere click away. Weather it’s Parking Enforcement, Patrol or Daily Activity Reports, and Keeping track of citations issued…  It can all be accessed in real time 24/7 from literally anywhere in the world.


Southeast Patrol's vehicle patrol service is an excellent cost efficient alternative to the traditional "standing guard" accounts, which has been proven as an exceptional tool in deterring criminals from targeting you and your property.  Our patrolmen will watch for the slightest signs of: criminal and/or suspicious activity, safety hazards, vandalism, as well as any other illegal and undesirable behavior.  You as the client will be able to choose between armed and unarmed patrol officers. We understand that not all clients want armed officers on the their property. do it!